Overwatch is out, and Nvidia just released a GeForce Game Ready Driver 368.22 for optimal gaming performance, together with optimization for World of Tanks and War Thunder. If you already have the Nvidia GeForce Experience software – as any Nvidia graphic owners should, then you could just update your system via it’s own.

Overwatch Game Ready Drivers (2)

The Game Ready Driver promises an average framerate and set detail level according to the graphics card, so GTX 980 Ti owners should expect around 60 FPS with a high detail level at 4K UHD resolution. The figures below has been tested using a system with 8GB of RAM, an Intel Core i7 4790, and Windows 10. So, performance will vary.

Overwatch Game Ready Drivers (1)

We have been playing Overwatch with the said driver, and we never noticed any bugs or performance issues so there’s no reason not to download it – unless of course, your current driver is holding its own just fine which is mostly the case. Either way, the recently released Game Ready Driver promises full support for Overwatch, as well as support for the patches that’s coming with World of Tanks and War Thunder.

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