In a heartfelt gesture towards animal welfare, realme Philippines has made a meaningful contribution to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), a prominent non-governmental organization dedicated to protecting the rights and well-being of animals.

Teaming up with local pet supplies brand Petsup, both companies have collectively donated P100,000 in financial assistance, along with P50,000 worth of realme products and an additional P50,000 worth of Petsup items.

Representatives from realme Philippines, accompanied by Petsup members, visited the PAWS headquarters in Quezon City on April 30th to personally deliver these donations and gain firsthand insights into the organization’s vital work.

PAWS expressed profound gratitude, highlighting how contributions from companies like realme Philippines directly support their programs, particularly in rehabilitating animal shelters and rescuing animals subjected to cruelty and neglect.

Sharon Yap, PAWS Education Officer, emphasized the transformative impact of such support: “These animals need people like you to help them through rehabilitation. By assisting these animals, you’ll witness their resilience and the importance of our collective effort in aiding their recovery.”

Yap underscored the importance of responsible pet ownership, urging owners to spay and neuter their pets and encouraging others to do the same. She also emphasized the value of volunteering time for those unable to provide monetary donations.

Patricia Gonzales, Communications Lead at realme Philippines, expressed hope that their collaborative efforts would inspire others to address the pressing issue of animal cruelty in the country.

Gonzales remarked, “Our partnership with Petsup and PAWS reflects our commitment to fostering a community that prioritizes empathy and kindness towards animals. We believe that our contribution, including the brand new units of realme Note 50, will enhance the efficiency of PAWS’s activities and initiatives.”

By leveraging their platforms and resources, realme and Petsup have made a significant difference in the lives of countless animals, highlighting the importance of advocating for animal welfare and supporting causes that promote compassion, empathy, and social responsibility towards animals.

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