If you are trying to create written /text content from a speech, podcast, interview or video, there are many benefits to enjoy from transcribing the audio to text using software i.e., audio to text converter online.

Traditionally, you had to hire a transcriber to listen to audio and translate it into text manually. If you need to transcribe audio to text, we have some reasons why you should use software:

AI Simplifies Work

AI (Artificial intelligence) has made it incredibly simple for software to recognize audio and convert it into text instantaneously. A speech to text converter such as Audext can transcribe all audio files into text files automatically.

What’s more, a user can check and edit the text accordingly in the editor on the Audext website. The editor has been designed to tie each word to the exact audio moment. A user can even play audio from a specific moment by clicking on the word audio. It gets better; Audext can identify speakers as well as structure transcription text to match the speech of specific speakers, which is all thanks to AI. With a speech to text converter online Audext.com, transcription from audio to text has never been easier.

Perfect Tool for Journalists

AI transcription software is a must-have tool for journalists. Journalists must transcribe audio interviews to text as part of their work. Since most of their work is urgent, hiring professional transcribers requires time they don’t have.

AI transcription software can help journalists transcribe interviews fast and easy without compromising on accuracy. The software can also help in sociological interviews done for qualitative research purposes.

Recording Effective Meeting Minutes

Journalists aren’t the only professionals that can use AI transcription software. Many other professionals need the software including secretaries, PA’s as well as business executives. Even regular people who attend meetings will find AI transcription software useful.

Every meeting must have written minutes, which take a lot of time to write if the transcription process is done manually. With an audio to text converter online, you can convert audio files recorded in meetings into text in seconds. This makes the process of writing minutes faster and simpler for anyone.

Record a Conference Call Easily and Efficiently

It’s also easier to transcribe recorded conference calls with AI transcription software. Meetings which take place over the phone and involve numerous parties can be tedious to transcribe manually.

Audext can identify the speech of specific speakers making it very easy to create text and attach it to minutes among other documents for record keeping/action-taking purposes.

Content Marketers Can Find Tweetable Quotes and Repurpose Webinars.

AI transcription software also makes it easier to find quotes and use info in webinars for other purposes. Webinars are a rich source of information for content marketers; however, they must be converted to text before they are repurposed.

Quotes are also crucial for validating written content, yet they originate from audio or video content.  AI transcription software can be used to convert interviews into text. The software can be used to convert audio recorded in press conferences, podcasts, conference calls, voice recordings, voice memos, etc. into text.

This makes the software useful to students who want to transcribe lecture notes or psychologists and anyone else who wants to transfer audio recordings into text.

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Why does Audext stands out?

  1. No installation: Transcribe directly from your browser. You can start using Audext without installing it on your computer.
  2. 200X faster: Audext is 200 times faster than the average manual transcription service. Audio to text conversions take a few seconds to minutes.
  3. Superior editing options: You can check and edit the transcribed text accordingly in the editor and select a suitable editing speed.
  4. Smart features: Audext can identify speakers by voice, a common problem with manual transcriptions. Other impressive features include; text time tracking, name auto filling, and auto saving.
  5. Good pricing plan: Audext is free to try and comes with multiple billing options. It is also cheaper than typical manual transcription services. Important: Audext can’t convert word/text to audio. The software also works best in the absence of background noise. Try Audext NOW.

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