Did you fall in love with drone videos on YouTube so much that you’ve decided to buy your own? Congratulations on your newest purchase, a drone is a lot of fun to use and can be used to capture breathtaking photos and videos of scenery. After you’ve taken your time to get to know how to fly it properly, you’ve decided that you are going to now create your own YouTube videos. This is another rewarding, but difficult process. Creating and monetizing YouTube videos is a tough market that many people struggle to crack.

Luckily for you, you already have the focus of your channel, drone videos. From there, you must undertake the right steps to ensure your YouTube channel grows and becomes what you want it to be. While getting your channel and footage monetized might be a long and arduous process, it can be extremely lucrative if you keep working through it.

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Here are five ways that you can monetize your drone footage onto YouTube.

Build a Following

YouTube is strict with who they allow to monetize on their platform. You cannot just build a channel and find yourself making money over the next few days. Channels cannot monetize their videos until they have met certain expectations laid out by the platform. Some of these expectations include: subscriber counts, view counts, and a reliable release schedule of videos. Therefore, to start monetizing your footage, you have to start at the roots, building a following.

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Creating constant content will attract people to your channel and get those subscriber numbers. Asking your friends and family to help you in the beginning is another great way to build a following as it allows you to start with a slight following already. Establishing a following is the first step on your journey towards monetizing your drone footage on YouTube.

Creating Quality Content

In order for your content to be monetized it has to be good content. How do you create good content, you might ask? You can create good drone content by ensuring that the cameras you are equipping with the drone are clear and can take good photos. No one will want to see blurry drone footage, especially in 2020, so take the time to invest in a good camera. Finding the right camera for your recording needs is important, according to, so ensure that when you are looking at cameras to purchase, they can be mounted to your drone and provide good footage. Quality content is what will set you apart from the rest of the drone content creators on YouTube. Take the time to invest and watch as your views go up as a result.

Add Advertisements Into your Videos

Once YouTube has allowed you to monetize your channel, you can now stick advertisements within them. YouTube will review your footage to make sure that it is your own, and once they approve of your video, you will have the option to add advertisements into them. Unfortunately, the YouTube platform does not allow you to choose the types of advertisements you stick into them, as they will do it automatically for you. This can mean that the advertisements are not related to your content, however at least it is a step in the right direction in terms of monetizing. Adding in ads is the next step to monetizing your drone footage

Get Sponsored by Companies

Once you’ve established a big enough following on YouTube, companies will begin to notice you and want to sponsor you. What this means, is that they will provide you with either money, or a product in return for you giving them a shout out during the video. This is much better than the previous example, as now you can choose who you work with, and how you’d like to incorporate the ads into your content. If you are releasing drone related content, look into getting sponsored by a drone company to help make your advertisements relative to your audience. Finding that sponsor is the next way to monetize your footage

Keep your Footage Appropriate and Within Community Guidelines

The final tip to monetizing your drone footage would be to keep it appropriate and within the community guidelines. YouTube has gotten much stricter over the years with what can be monetized and what cannot be. As a result, videos with plenty of swearing, violence, or sexual content, will not be able to be monetized. Using copywritten music is another aspect that will result in your monetization being taken away. There are plenty of copyright free tracks that you can apply to your footage to keep it monetized. Keep your content appropriate so that you can keep making money off of it.

Monetizing your drone footage is similar to how you would go about monetizing any channel on YouTube. If you are stuck and struggling, look at other channels and see how they have incorporated these tips into their channels. Build yourself a following through quality content. Once you have done that, look to add sponsors and advertisements into your videos. Finally, keep your content friendly, so you can keep that footage monetized. Have fun with everything you create and enjoy the process. What kind of drone footage are you going to make?


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