Without knowing how to survive in ARK: Survival Evolved, you will be beaten down. Anything can happen in a persistent reality. To properly enjoy the ARK, you will need a lot of time, an active tribe, or play single-player almost completely.

Tips And Tricks to get started in ARK genesis

Surviving on the island can be difficult, especially if it’s your first time, but a few tips like these will assist. Read the battlelog.co Ark Survival Evolved Hacks list to avoid being hunted down by the dinosaurs.

Build a Basic Bed

Beds are invaluable and demand a lot of hiding and prior knowledge of sleeping bags. Your tribe’s beds allow you to move between them swiftly.

If possible, keep your mattresses near the base’s most secure areas. Spawn on the beach won’t help you find your way back home.

A Pickaxe To Begin

To learn how to produce tools, saddles and recipes, you must first level up. First, you want to build a stone pick with your stone, wood, and thatch (from your early pounding and collecting). After that, a hatchet.

Picks are a great early game tool because they can easily harvest stone, flint, wood, thatch, and metal. To collect flesh and hide from creatures you kill, you can use these simple tools. Nevertheless, make a few.

Berries Diet

The ability to develop plant plots is unlocked at level 10. A must-have for herbivorous tames who prefer feeding troughs over free-roaming. Although it’s not the best way to start, it’s the only way to survive.

Despite this, foraging is not a very efficient food-gathering technique. Plenty of berries are available, but you’ll need to hunt for them. But the side effects are worth it. Unusual finds include vegetable seeds and fibre. Also, a dung beetle!

Start Gathering

Pick up all you can to get a head start. You can pick up berries, fibre, and rock in the game by pressing E. Prowl about for resources and punching a few trees for fun, but don’t go crazy. Start making your tools as soon as you receive the wood and thatch.

Make A Shack For Yourself

You’ll feel safer if you sleep somewhere dry with a roaring campfire, even though many predators can and will come to you through thatch or wood. Cooking at night is also a viable option once you’ve mastered hunting non-aggressive creatures (dodos, lystrosaurus, and coelacanth).

You can use it to store your gear and gain experience.

Pick Your Starting Biome Carefully.

Each of Genesis’ five biomes has its own set of challenges and prizes to offer. That a biome’s benefits increase with difficulty, prefer a calmer biome? Then go for it! If you choose ‘Teleport Biome’ while dealing with HLN-A, you will see all of them. It also tells you how difficult each Biome is.

Don’t Get Wet

The ocean is still a danger zone in ARK, even higher. Like Gandhi in Sid Meier’s Civilization, Piranhas attack you just by looking at you, and there’s nothing you can do about it but not get wet. Just wading in the shallows will get you eaten or your armor shredded.

ARK Genesis Beginners Guide GP 2

The deeper the ocean, the more dangerous it is. Cnidaria will stun you, and you’re taming, sending you to the depths where retrieving your gear will be difficult. We haven’t even mentioned megalodons or mosasaurs. But eventually, you’ll need to go for oil.

Accomplish Hexagon Missions in Biomes

Biome Missions, new to ARK, are biome-specific. You will be rewarded with Hexagons for completing each of the game’s biomes. Open your inventory, then go to the missions tab to see what missions you have available. Obtained by completing special objectives that are more difficult. You can also keep track of your priority missions.


The tips mentioned above will help get to higher levels in the game because it is a competitive environment. Most of the time, your character’s level will decide their overall abilities, especially if they have the correct stat setup for their playstyle. No such thing as a perfect build exists because stats are mostly intended to assist you in your playing style and should be chosen to match your style of playing.

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