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ESGS or Electronic Sports & Gaming Summit is perhaps one of the largest gaming convention to happen in the Philippines as of date. It is an event from the guys who made PGF 2011, 2012, and 2013 a success. Simply put it is a convention of gamers, similar to the PGF of yesteryear (not this year tho). PGF’s focus is more on electronic sports, but ESGS is beyond that scope by introducing games from different developers, and unrestricted platforms. You’ll see tournaments and activities of all shapes and sizes suitable for any gamers.


Smart Telecommunications & Smart GAMEX are the main sponsors and presenters of the event, along with several other figures in the entertainment industry. Basically, ESGS 2014 is a one huge smorgasbord filled with gaming goodies.


ESGS is all about gaming and gaming alone with a little dash of cosplay, entertainment, and other PC related activities here and there. Simply put, it’s an event made for gamers of all shapes, ages, and sizes as said earlier. There is no restriction, so if you are a console, a PC, or a handheld gamer, you are invited to attend it.

ESGS Banner

Tournaments and e-sport activities are to be expected, with no less than 18 tournaments happening in Two whole days. Since it’s going to occupy 2 halls of the SMX Convention Center, there should be enough room for you to check out what’s happening without fainting because of claustrophobia. Seriously guys, Two damn SMX Convention Halls for a single event that could fit a dozen of basket ball court without a sweat should be an understatement for this event. SRSLY.


Because you are reading this, and you are probably a gamer, a PC enthusiast, or just someone who accidentally browsed this damned website called TECHPORN. You see, bein’ media partner aside, ESGS 2014 isn’t just about gaming tournaments alone. It is a convention to gather all the gamers, and gamers at heart regardless of their preferred platform. It is where the potato peasants, and the master race collide in a peaceful manner.


In all seriousness, ESGS 2014 is the event where we could just get along with each other. Settle differences, find something new and awesome. Something that might interest you. Test an Oculus Rift VR maybe and see if you wont vomit? In addition, ESGS 2014 will feature games from local and international companies, enabling them to showcase and share their creations to the gamers inside the event and hopefully widen the reach of the meaning behind the word gaming.



The so called activities that we could disclose so far are the Cosplay Competition and the RIG Display Showdown. The Cosplay Competition is a Zero Catwalk Competition where cosplayers should just be themselves around the area. Voting will take place throughout the day via vote coupons given to the attendees. Anime Alliance will foresee the competition and if you wish to enter, learn more about the rules HERE.

Toycon 2014 Cosplay

The Rig Modding Reloaded competition is a contest where PC Enthusiasts could display their beloved PCs or in our language, Rigs. It is going to be a competition based on multiple criteria. If you know that you’ve got what it takes to win, go and visit MSI Philippines HERE for more info. Couldn’t careless about the prize but I heard it is good, so good luck!



Based on our info, there will be 9 major tournaments at the ESGS 2014. FPS, MOBA, Electronic Table Top, RTS, and even Fighting Games will be casted & displayed at the main stages. These tournaments are organized and presented by Mineski (for MPGL Season VI), and ESL or Electronic Sports League to name a few.

Game Title Organizer Tournament
Assault Fire Mineski Pro Gaming League (MPGL) Philippine Finals
Dragon Nest Mineski Pro Gaming League (MPGL) Philippine Finals
DOTA 2 Mineski Pro Gaming League (MPGL) Philippine Finals
Ultra Street Fighter 4 Mineski Pro Gaming League (MPGL) Philippine Finals
League Of Legends Electronic Sports League (ESL) Philippine Finals
Heartstone Electronic Sports League (ESL) Philippine Finals
Star Craft 2: HoTS Electronic Sports League (ESL) ESGS Finals
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Pinoy Versus ESGS Finals
Point Blank Revolution GARENA ESGS Finals

As for the other platforms, our friends from PinoyPS, Pinoy2D, Smash Pilipinas, and Pinoy Versus (Lotsa Pinoys there LOL) will organize, and present tournaments for their respective platforms and games of choice. There is a variety of fighting games here for everyone, and I do believe that most of these competitions are open to those who will attend the event so feel free to participate.

Game Title Organizer Platform
King of Fighters XIII PinoyPS Console
Under Night In-Birth Pinoy2D Fighters Console
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Pinoy2D Fighters Console
Injustice Gods Among Us Pinoy2D Fighters Console
Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Pinoy2D Fighters Console
Super Smash Bros Project M Smash Pilipinas Console
Super Smash Bros in 3DS Smash Pilipinas Handheld
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax PinoyPS Console
STRIFE: The Game Asiasoft PC


Damn, certainly it is not ladies and germs. But we’re happy to tell you guys that the tickets for days one and two, are not expensive. Please do note that ESGS Tickets are limited, and could only be used on the corresponding dates printed on them. Certainly, there will be perks included, but those are still lying in secrecy.

ESGS 2014 PR Images (4)

Ticket Type Perks Price
1 DAY PASS NOV 15 TBA 150.00 PHP
1 DAY PASS NOV 16 TBA 150.00 PHP


ESGS’ Day One, and Day Two Tickets are currently on sale at major SM Ticket / Cinema outlets. Just ask the clerks about ESGS Tickets and they will assist you most probably, just like buying a simple movie ticket.

SM Cinema Logo


They said the best things in life are free, but it is most certainly not. No one will give you a free GTX 980 unless you are a media that took a deal with a certain manufacturer, or you are a filty bastard with fairy god parents that you could easily manipulate. Kidding aside, although ESGS and its organizers doesn’t aim to profit, they need to pay expenses, such as the venue of the event. At least, that’s what I know.


If you love cosplay and wants too see Alodia in person, then ESGS is the right event for you. Recently announced by the “cosplay queen” herself, Alodia will make a cameo at the ESGS 2014 this November 15th. No words about her time of arrival but we’re guessing that she’ll be there around noon.

Alodia Gosiengfiao ESGS Poster


This aint google or wikipedia folks but if you have any questions related to the event, you could contact me on this website or just ask ESGS’ organizers on their facebook page located HERE. Go give them a LIKE, and please do SHARE the event so everyone will know!


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