It is a fact that the entertainment industry keeps changing. New technologies are constantly surprising users, too. Our way of consuming entertainment has changed in recent years due to all the technological innovations that have been announced. Gone are the days of having to go to a bar to socialise with friends or sit in front of the TV to watch what is being broadcast. Nowadays, we are always connected through social networks that allow us to share every moment we live and to meet people.

However, there are certain innovations that are making and will make an even bigger impact on the entertainment sector in the future. Here are some of the trends that will keep on evolving.

Entertainment platforms world

Perhaps one of the biggest innovations we have seen in recent years has been the creation of online platforms. One which has been very well received since 2020 is Netflix. The Big N’s platform has become the most widely consumed video streaming platform on the planet. Given its success, Netflix wanted to keep moving forward and attracting new consumers. Therefore, it decided to add some games like Bowling Ballers or Stranger Things: 1984, aside from being able to enjoy Netflix movies by downloading them to your devices. There is no house that lacks a subscription, although a few months ago they announced that the number of users had fallen.

Perhaps this drop in Netflix users was due to the emergence of a historic movie bigwig. Disney left aside the big screen premieres to bring them to your home. Now the platform has the rights to Marvel, National Geographic, Star, and Pixar. All the classic films from the very first one released, Snow White, are on the Disney+ platform.

Another new development that will define the way we entertain ourselves will be online gaming platforms. Several have already established themselves online, such as the classic minigames, but there is much more to come. One sector that is constantly evolving is the iGaming world. Technological progress has allowed each country to access legal gambling platforms so that users can enjoy their favourite games in their areas. However, this is why online security is one of the innovations that are beginning to gain momentum and will become much more established in the future. For example, if you are in Canada, Interac casinos offer a high level of payment security so that you can enjoy a wide variety of real money games. For this reason, casinos use the Interac payment method whereby the user’s information will be safe from the casinos and only the bank will handle the information. Depositing and withdrawing money will be as easy as can be.

Virtual Reality as an entertainment form

Another breakthrough that is entering the home is virtual reality. Just by putting on a pair of goggles, we are transported to the place we want to go. We can visit emblematic places anywhere on the planet, visit museums or visit the world of Avatar. For example, the latest news is that Rome is starting to use this type of technology to transport tourists to Ancient Rome, so that they fell like citizens of that time.

Another idea, not unlike virtual reality, is holograms. We have seen this in a lot in movies, especially in Star Wars, where the character is present without being there. Currently, it is rumoured that there is a strong industry working on it.

Who knows if in a few years we will be enjoying a concert as if we were in front of our favourite singer?


The classic sport seems to be more and more forgotten. Although football is still the king of sports, with billions of euros a year, there is a new sport that is gaining ground.

eSports has become a virtual sport that is increasingly followed by users. Nowadays everyone is connected to online games. Players have left aside traditional sports and even playing video games to become spectators in the competitions of this new sport. The way the game is played has not changed, and in the games, you can see two teams competing to win.

Maybe in a few years, we will still be enjoying football in a very different way, and CR7 and Messi will still be playing as they have been doing so far.

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